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Copper Contact Terminal for the Fire Detection Industry

Copper Contact Terminal for the Fire Detection Industry

We designed and manufactured the tooling, then completed the multi slide stamping and integrated assembly, which included attaching the pan head screw to the terminal.

Each part weighed .010 lbs., and measured .018" thick, .882" long, .320" wide and .475" high as well as meeting tolerances of ±.005" and ±1°.

The quality process ensured that the outer edges of the bends did not fracture or show grazing. The burr side and grain direction were as indicated by the customer specifications.

The terminal was supplied in the wire-ready position for 16 AWG and the strip-out torque had a minimum of 10 in-lbs.

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Multislide Stamping Project Highlights

  • Product Name Copper Contact Terminal
  • Product Description This contact terminal is used within a Fire Detection System application.
  • Capabilities Applied/Processes Tooling Design and Manufacturing
    Multislide Stamping
    Integrated Full Assembly
    Assemble Pan Head Screw to Terminal
  • Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Bihler Machine
  • Overall Part Dimensions Material Thickness: .018"
    Length: .802"
    Width: .320"
    Height: .482"
  • Tightest Tolerances ±.005"
  • Material Used Copper/Zinc Alloy
  • Industry for Use Fire Detection/Life Saving Device
  • Estimated Part Weight .010 lbs
  • Delivery Location St. Charles, Illinois
  • Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing