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Bronze Lead Frame for the Automotive Industry

Bronze Lead Frame for the Automotive Industry

Royal Die & Stamping manufactured this C519 copper bronze left hand lead frame for use in a transmission module application. We provided the tooling design, manufacturing, and progressive die-stamping, using our 220-ton Minster press. We used our in-line vision system and ultra emissions and acoustical testing which features the most advanced equipment and software, to monitor and check that critical dimensions were met.

Each frame weighed about 0.35 lbs (.158 kg); measured 276 mm (10.86") long and met the tightest tolerances of 0.03", a true position of .05 mm (.0019")

We verified that the burr heights on the stamped parts did not exceed 0.1 mm (.039"), and ensured the finished part was completely free of oil and grease.

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bronze lead frame

Progressive Die Stamping Project Highlights

  • Product Name Left Hand Lead Frame
  • Product Description This left hand lead frame is used within a Transmission Module application.
  • Capabilities Applied/Processes Tooling Design and Manufacturing
    Progressive Die Stamping
  • Equipment Used to Manufacture Part 220 Ton Press
  • Overall Part Dimensions Length: 78.99 mm
    Height: 55.06 mm
  • Tightest Tolerances ± 0.03 mm
    True Position of .08 mm
  • Material Used C519 Copper Bronze R560 Temper
    Selective Plating
  • In Process Testing/Inspection Performed In-line Vision System to monitor.
    Acoustic & ultra emissions testing.
    100% check of critical dimensions.
  • Estimated Part Weight 0.35 lbs
  • Industry for Use Automotive
  • Delivery Location USA
  • Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing