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RDS University A Resource For All Employees

RDS ClassroomFinishing touches have been placed onto a once a drab and uninviting meeting room next to the Test Lab. The vision set forth is a classroom environment for employees to join together for training and meetings.

The wall mural harkens to Henry Freitag’s Danish heritage. The scene captures downtown Copenhagen where Henry is very familiar with it’s mixture of boats and bustling streets lined with buildings that don red ceramic roofs.

The classroom has a new lighting scheme, wall and ceiling speakers and a projector with a smart board. Steelcase student chairs with movable desktops can be arranged in different formations to tailor the learning environment. Chairs can be placed into quads to create larger desk spaces for group sessions. Industrial grade carpet will stand up to the rigors of our manufacturing environment.

Visitors to our facility consistently comment on how refreshing it is to see a space designed to help employees focus on their continued training at Royal Die.

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