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About Us

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Royal Power Solutions is a manufacturing leader providing superior components to the Automotive, Electronics and Telecommunication industries.  Established in 1938, we provide an array of services -- all within our new 162,000 square foot facility in Carol Stream, Illinois.  Royal Power Solutions believes a safe, clean and well-maintained plant promotes the production of quality products by empowered employees.  We provide a reliable and orderly work environment for our employees, whom we believe are our most valuable asset.
We have over 75 high-speed presses ranging from 10-350 tons, stamping ferrous and non-ferrous metals with gauges from .002 to .150 inches. Material and finishing selections are based on matching customer need with material performance, availability and cost.
Royal Power Solutions has invested in several Servo-driven presses which deliver highly precise parts with value-added forming available.  In addition, we have invested in Bihler multi-slide presses for stamping and built-in assembly operations.  All of these investments were made with our customer’s needs first in mind.
A copy of Royal Power Solutions' Terms and Conditions can be found here